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Sight of Istra



is a city situated on the south-western end of the Istrian peninsula and on the interior part of the bay where the islands of St. Katharine, St. Andrew and Uljanik lie and surrounded by three harbour pools. Because of its size and capacity, Pula is the largest and most important harbour in Istria. Its well-protected bay is also one of the best natural harbours on the Adriatic coast. The city contains two marinas where nautical tourism is becoming more and more popular. Pula is also considered the city of culture, concerts and film. Many events take place in Pula’s amphitheatre (Arena) during the summer months and guarantee a fun and exciting holiday.



If Istria is the most beautiful shell in the Adriatic Sea, then Rovinj is its pearl. Rovinj is a well-known tourist destination and it has quality accommodation including apartments and rooms in private homes. Rovinj can be described as a city of romance. It lies on the western coast of the Istrian peninsula. The historical centre sits on a hill which was once an island. There are many apartments and rooms in Rovinj, as well as other private accommodation which blend into their historical surroundings, being narrow stone streets and old buildings all adjoined along the way up to the baroque church of St. Eufemija whose bell tower stands tall over the city.



is a group of islands that lies close to Istria’s western coast. Its most beautiful part was proclaimed a national park in 1983. The islands are 6 km from Pula and are separated from the mainland by the Fazana channel through which boats from the Fazana harbor to Brijuni operate on a daily basis. The Brijuni archipelago consists of 2 larger islands – Veliki and Mali Brijun, as well as 13 smaller, well-indented islands that have been inhabited since prehistorical times. The islands are known for their mild climate and rich vegetation, while the National Park abounds with tree-lined walks, parks and gardens of tropical vegetation. The Brijuni Zoo is of the open type, meaning that animals can freely roam the island, and there is also a safari park. Brijuni offers many sporting activities: horseback riding, golf, tennis, sailing, windsurfing, bike and boat rental, diving, while guests have access to numerous sports terrains, fields and other facilities.